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"This alliance represents a pragmatic approach to streamlining SoC development. We've created a practical program that offers immediate gains in productivity to IP providers and consumers, without requiring a methodology overhaul."

Mark Gogolewski
Denali Software

The SystemRDL (Register Description Language) Alliance promotes industry-wide use of SystemRDL, now supported by The SPIRIT Consortium, for the design and delivery of intellectual property (IP) products used in system-on-chip (SoC) designs

Developers of IP, chips, and systems all benefit by having a common, computer-readable format for describing configuration space registers - a ubiquitous storage element used to hold key parameters that define the operation of semiconductor chips.

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SystemRDL Resources:

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SystemRDL Alliance Charter Members

Charter members of the SystemRDL Alliance are: Denali Software, Mentor Graphics, MIPS Technologies and Rambus.

Denali Software, Inc. Mentor Graphics MIPS Technologies, Inc. Rambus

For more information on SystemRDL Alliance Membership and how to join, visit the SystemRDL Alliance Members page.

SystemRDL Alliance

Configuration space registers (CSR's) are used in all semiconductor chips and IP products, and often number in the thousands. These registers store key parameters that define the operation of the chips, and are required by system architects, hardware developers, and software engineers to develop end products. IP providers and system developers benefit from the SystemRDL Alliance members commitment to use common, computer-sensible format for describing registers - which ultimately speeds architecture, design, verification, and documentation for semiconductor chip designs.