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Getting the Most Out of New DDR3 Memory Products

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January 08, 2009
Presenter: Tom Trill, VP, Marketing Qimonda North America
Approximate Time: 25minutes
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As performance and power capabilities continue to increase with each new generation of memory, DRAM's role has risen from bit player (pun intended) to major contributor in platform design decisions. The launch of DDR3 is no exception, with twice the data rate of the highest speed DDR2 components and as much as a 30 percent reduction in energy use through 1.5V operation. As DDR3 makes its way inside PCs and notebooks, system designers can truly stand out with DRAM that supports overclocking, error correction code (ECC) and improved thermal performance to deliver the perfect balance of user experience and system stability. And DDR3 can play a huge part in reducing data center energy consumption when combined with the right system utilization and power management. With DDR3 rolling out in the coming quarters, memory companies that drive innovation in their process technology and design approach can ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency across applications. Join Qimonda for a discussion on how critical factors in DRAM development can bring out the best in your system.