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November 14, 2007
"ONFi 2.0"
Presenter: Michael Abraham, NAND Application Engineer, Mobile Memory Group at Micron
Approximate Time: 12minutes
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The asynchronous NAND Flash interface was standardized with ONFi 1.0. ONFi 2.0 builds on ONFi 1.0 by adding a DDR, source-synchronous interface for high-speed data transfers to break the I/O bottleneck while providing backwards compatibility for NAND controllers that only support the asynchronous NAND interface. Viewers of this webcast will learn about the benefits of the ONFi 2.0 specification, how it can increase system performance by reducing I/O time, and support scalable density applications.

October 16, 2007
"ONFi Block Abstracted NAND Architecture"
Presenter: Amber Huffman, Principal Engineer, Storage Technologies Group at Intel
Approximate Time: 12minutes
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The webcast provides a detailed overview of the block abstracted NAND specification published in July by the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) Workgroup. Block abstracted NAND frees the host from performing NAND "housekeeping" functionality like error correction (ECC), bad block management, and wear leveling. This enables hosts to focus on delivering new features and capabilities for application areas like audio and media players. These benefits are delivered while maintaining compatibility with traditional NAND electricals, timing, and protocol, thus avoiding any hardware changes to the hosts.

Block abstracted NAND is an important new technology that enables hosts to take advantage of new NAND devices quickly and efficiently. Details provided in the webcast will help you learn if block abstracted NAND is the right technology for your application.